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Whatever their specialty, physicians and other healthcare professionals can expand their knowledge and learn proactive protocols to ensure excellence in fibromyalgia patient care.

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“I enjoyed all the speakers. It was a tremendous experience. More please! Thank you so much for all your hard work!”
~ Kay Mader
“This was a great conference and you do a fabulous job always. The Elms was very special and I would love to have the conference here again.”
~ Marcia Poe
“The conference was very informative and I learned a lot of new information. … I also really enjoyed the food."
~ Judy Cantrell
“It was a blessing to meet new friends and exchange information relating to the positive healing solutions we found on our journey to health and wholeness.”
~ Bonnie Brown
“My first seminar and I'm very impressed!”
~ Bonnie Morgan
“Thank you for making me, my sister and a new-found friend feel welcome and included in the FCI family. It was wonderfully encouraging that the theme of the event was speakers with fibro showing us how we can take control of our health – not just researchers telling us why we are, and always will be, miserable.”
~ Sabrina Johnson

"What's That Got To Do With Fibromyalgia?"

14th Annual FCI Conference & Retreat

Friday-Saturday, November 14-15, 2014
at the luxurious Elms Hotel and Spa
Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Excelsior Springs derives its name from its natural healing waters.

Two days of presentations from some of the nation's top natural healthcare providers. Discover new healing strategies for relieving pain, boosting energy, improving sleep and much more!

  • Learn how to lead a healthier, happier life.
  • Ask the experts questions after each presentation.
  • Make new friends and connect with like-minded people.
  • Enjoy delicious, fibro-friendly food.

Don’t miss this amazing event packed with inspiring speakers and life changing information!

Seating is Limited!


The 14th Annual FCI Conference & Retreat features new faces and returning favorites!

Leading Fibromyalgia experts will share their knowledge, experiences and wisdom. The various perspectives from an array of healthcare professionals remind us that successful treatment of Fibromyalgia comes from a multi-disciplinary approach.

Given the variety of speakers’ expertise, this conference offers valuable information to healthcare providers as well as Fibromyalgia patients, their family and friends.


Linda Bamber, BSc, Certified Nutritionist, Thermographer
Topic: Breast Cancer – Are You At Risk?
Founder: Breast Research Awareness and Support (BRAS), based in Overland Park, Kansas

Find out if you are at high risk of developing breast cancer and what you can do to lower your chances. Research shows over 216 toxins that are connected to breast cancer; 47 of these are drugs. Other research shows there are three viruses, toxins from 8 different dental materials, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and a host of other items connected to breast cancer that we can avoid. Learn about a safe breast screening test, exercises to clear lymph nodes, protection from EMFs, foods that cause breast problems, recipes to support the liver, and much more!

William Shaw, PhD
Topic: Chronic Candida Overgrowth & (Other) Nutritional Factors
Founder: The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., Lenexa, Kansas

Dr. Shaw is a biochemist with board-certification in clinical chemistry and toxicology. As an innovative researcher, he is dedicated to understanding the biochemical influences on health and wellness. His background in biochemistry and toxicology allow him to study the relationship of chemical exposure to the metabolic process.

Dr. Shaw is also the author of two books and frequently speaks at conferences worldwide to help educate patients and medical practitioners on how to successfully find and treat the underlying issues contributing to autism, ADHD, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Fibromyalgia, and other chronic diseases.

Gloria Gilbère, CDP, DA Hom, ND, PhD, DSC, EcoErgonomist, Founder/CEO: Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation (Idaho and Washington)
Topic: Oral Health & Overall Health – Could Your Mouth Be At The Root of Your Fibromyalgia and Immune System Disorders?

Dr. Gilbère will present her perspective on the connection of oral health and how it can be an underlying culprit to many disorders of the immune system, including fibromyalgia. She began her health career in dentistry – never dreaming that more than five decades later she would be implementing dental principles, and the latest findings and therapies, into her work and practice in wholistic rejuvenation. Because she too is a victim of, not only mercury poisoning, but also a serious periodontal infection that went undiagnosed, eventually became systemic, and could have killed her, she shares her experiences and solutions to help you take charge of your own health and to know what questions, testing and protocols to implement without blindly accepting the status quo. Her new book, I Was Poisoned By My Teeth, will be officially launched at the conference. She will do a book-signing after the presentation.

Dr. Gilbère's presentation will include comments by Jack Ferguson, DDS, who was also poisoned by mercury in dental school. Dr. Ferguson understands the health-depleting effects of toxic oral health and the barrage of disorders it can cause.


Mark Buse, BSc., CT., CWR., Wholistic Rejuvenist, Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Topic:Coffee Dialysis – The Supreme Detoxification

Mark shares his more than forty years’ experience with coffee dialysis and the amazing results it provides to reduce the body’s overall toxic load – enabling our organs to detoxify and neutralize toxins, purge and, therefore, provide a “clear path” in which to achieve wellness. If your intestinal and liver health are not able to function at their maximum, the stored toxins create havoc and manifest symptoms (including inflammation) that are commonly un-diagnosed, mis-understood, over-medicated and non-validated…including the symptoms created by stored toxins common in fibromyalgia. Mark is launching his new book, Coffee Dialysis, at his presentation and will be doing a book signing afterwards. Mark is from Ft. Worth, Tex.

Christopher Powell, MA, PhD, Dipl Ac, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Topic:The Power of Chinese Medicine: A Serious Look at Inflammation and Fibromyalgia

Chris Powell is a graduate of the doctoral program in Chinese medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM. This institution provides an intensive program of learning in both Western and Chinese medicine. While there, Chris worked closely with several of the doctors in their own research of chronic and debilitating diseases. Chris often employs much of that research and his own in the treatment of cancer and the side effects from medical intervention. Dr. Powell practices in Kansas City, Mo.

Garrett Sullivan, MD
Topic:Methylation (What's That Got To Do with Fibromyalgia?)

Board Certified in Family Medicine and well versed in all branches of general care, Dr. Sullivan brings whole-person foundation to partner with patients presenting with the full spectrum of medical problems, simple to complex. He is a “specializing generalist” in every sense of the word, coordinating general basic elements required to promote, maintain and optimize one’s health and functional status, regardless of the more specific labels given to them. Dr. Sullivan provides medical services through the Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village in Kansas City, Mo.

Debra Filla, Past Vice President, Celiac Sprue Association, Kansas City Chapter
Topic:Celiac Disease ~ a kissing cousin?

Autoimmune disease affects more individuals than cancer or heart disease. Celiac is a unique autoimmune disease, in that the cause is known and the cure is simple. What does it mean to be celiac? What is gluten sensitivity and why is it on the rise? And most importantly, what might be learned from celiac that will provide clues into fibromyalgia?

Filla has a fascination with the incredible mystery of how the body works. When her youngest daughter acquired Alopecia she began in earnest to investigate the ‘Mystery of the Missing Hair,’ and more importantly, what causes a healthy immune system to ‘kick the bucket’. She was vice president of the Celiac Sprue Association, Kansas City, from 2009-2010.





Registration includes all sessions, break snacks, lunch and reception on Friday, plus breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Meals are fibro-friendly, gluten-free and nightshade-free.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had lots of energy, clear thinking and no pain. Plan now to attend the 2014 Conference/Retreat on November 14-15!

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9:15-9:30AM Announcements & Early Bird Drawing
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Seating is Limited!

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